About us


We Are Residents of Richfield and LOVE our Community
Danah Zoulek is a 4th generation resident of Richfield, WI and a veteran of the US Army Corps of Engineers (Combat Heavy). Danah drove dump trucks and moved dirt while serving in Iraq.
Danah is also a professional photographer.

Per their request here are our kids' qualifications:


Aylah, 9, loves grooming and riding her pony, Fritz. She loves spending time with her friends and raising animals.


Jack, 8, loves playing Minecraft and Roblox, throwing rocks in the pit, and spending time with his Mimi and Papa.


We Plan to Build Our Home at This Site
Once restored the site will have an appropriate land use for country estates.
We have ponies and live on the property.

Danah Zoulek Scenic Pit